Bouquet Subscription Terms of Service

What is CSA?

​CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you participate in a CSA, you are helping the growers as well as yourself. Pricing is usually much better than stores and you directly help the grower with their farm. By purchasing one of our CSA subscriptions, you are getting a share of the flower crop for that season. Your CSA Subscriptions are the backbone of our endeavors.

​When will I receive my flowers?

We’ll deliver your bouquets to your selected pick-up location on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the course of your subscription.

What if I go on vacation or can’t pick up my bouquet?

If you forget to pick up or if you are going on holiday, we ask that you arrange for someone else to receive your blooms while you're away. Perhaps a pet sitter or family friend would enjoy your bouquet that week! Bouquets not picked up in the selected pick up day may not be available for pick up the following day.

Can I specify which flowers I want in my weekly bouquets?

As we are a micro farm, we have very specific flowers blooming each week. We cannot accommodate custom orders or requests at this time. Your bouquet will be filled with seasonal flowers, so you get a taste of what is growing right now. In the future, as the farm grows in space, we can more easily manage custom orders.
We’ll keep you posted!

Can I cancel my CSA Membership and get a refund?

​Our CSA Subscriptions are the life blood of our farm. We rely on this revenue to keep the farm running (deal with unpredictable weather, pests, etc.) and grow for the future. But we do understand that life happens. Refunds for the 2023 season are available up to one week after purchasing your CSA Subscription. We do ask that instead of cancelling, you consider gifting or selling your membership to a friend who would love getting fresh flowers weekly.

Many thanks! We are excited to share our flowers with you!